My lovely world in red shoes

Tym razem bez zbędnych słów. Enjoy

Life won't always go your way 
And that won't ever change 
But you'll find blessings in the clouds 
And you'll find mercy in the rain 
And you'll have heartache down the road 
And tears shed from a broken soul 
But joy will seek you out and give you hope 
Like candles' lights in darkened rooms
And how you sacrifice and try to make things right 

Is the whole world happy but you 

But hungry children cry while thirsty siblings die 
How did this life become so cruel 
And then the questions come and rare are answers known 
But this is still worth pushing through 
Cause every smile shown 
And Every laughing moment
Confirms that life is beautiful

Marynarka ZARA
Bluzka MANGO
Spodnie ZARA
Buty NN
Torebka ZARA
Bransoletki H&M
Pierścionek RIVER ISLAND
Naszyjnik NEW LOOK

Pics by Natalia Malinowska

2 komentarze:

  1. bardzo fajne buty;) i paznokcie, też takie ostatnio noszę ;)

  2. czerwone szpile- miooodzioooooooooo!!^^